30. August 2021

Status of the Upgraded ALICE TPC Status of the Upgraded ALICE TPC

Group report at DPG SMuK 2021

Author: Philip Hauer for the ALICE collaboration

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During the long shutdown 2 of the LHC, the ALICE Time Projection Chamber (TPC) was upgraded in order to cope with the increased Pb-Pb interaction rate of 50 kHz planned for Run 3. The MWPC-based amplification system was replaced by Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM). These avoid the long dead time caused by the ion gating grid of the MWPC, and allow for a continuous readout. To this end, also the front-end and readout electronics had to be replaced.

In August 2020, the TPC was moved back to its designated position at LHC interaction point 2 and an extensive commissioning program was started. It includes measurements of laser tracks, cosmic particles and the irradiation of the TPC with an X-ray source to carry out a pad-by-pad gain calibration. During this measurement campaign, the TPC operated at nominal conditions and the continuous readout capability was tested successfully.

The talk will summarise the performance and challenges during the commissioning phase. Furthermore, the present status and plans for the future will be discussed.

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