22. March 2023

Recent advancements in Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors: Exciting research ahead towards future experiments Recent advancements in MPGDs

Invited talk at DPG SMuK 2023

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The invention of Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors (MPGDs), overcoming the limitation of wire-based devices, marked a new epoch in the field of gaseous detectors. MPGDs, as 2nd generation gaseous detectors, were installed with large sizes in LHC experiments within the Long Shutdown 2 upgrades - more than 20 years after their invention.

The RD51 collaboration supported this path from prototypes to large area detectors, and promotes further MPGD R&D.

Major advancements have been achieved recently, opening up novel opportunities for exciting research and future experiments: The long-standing timing limitation of planar detectors was overcome with the PICOSEC concept, achieving 17 ps time resolution. With the implementation of the VMM chip into RD51’s general Scalable Readout System, R&D support for the next decade is secured as well as new high-rate mid-size experiments are enabled. The GridPix technology with its single electron detection capability allows imaging of the fundamental particle-gas interaction and its features at a microscopic level.

These highlights will be presented, taking the prospects of the ECFA Detector R&D Roadmap and the transition from RD51 to DRDC1 into account.

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