14. March 2024

Large-Scale XYZ Digital Microscope Large-Scale XYZ Digital Microscope

Poster at DPG 2024

DPG 2024
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Modern particle physics experiments widely use Micro Pattern Gas Detectors (MPGDs) for particle tracking and identification. The new Research and Technology Center for Detector Physics (FTD) in Bonn has recently commissioned infrastructure for production of micropatterned structures like Gas Electron Multipliers (GEMs). The performance of the MPGDs strongly depends on the physical properties of these structures. Therefore a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) is imperative. Besides other in-house QA, a precise optical survey of the structures is performed. Recent large-scale MPGDs require large-size micropatterned structures that are not covered by commercially available digital microscopes. A new digital microscope with precise large-scale XYZ-positioning for cleanroom operation using standard technologies was developed to fill this gap and allow manual and automatic QA procedures.

The poster presents the specifications, the design and the present setup.

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