27. February 2018

The NA64 experiment for searches of rare events at CERN The NA64 experiment for searches of rare events at CERN

Group report at DPG 2018

Author: Michael Hösgen for the NA64 collaboration

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We report on the recent activity of the NA64 experiment at the SPS of CERN. The NA64 experiment uses a beam dump setup to conduct missing energy searches with a high intensity electron beam.

In 2016 and 2017 separate dedicated searches for two mediators between standard model and dark sector, a new light vector boson A’ and a new short-lived neutral boson X, were performed. The A’ was proposed as a possible explanation for magnetic moment anomalies of muons. It could be created in electron on target reactions e−Z→eZA′ and supposedly decay invisible into lighter dark sector particles (A′→χχ). The X is motivated by an excess of e+e-pairs in 8Be* excited state nuclear transitions. It could be produced in bremsstrahlung interactions e−Z→eZX and decay into standard model leptons (X→e+e).

We show the experimental setup and the analysis strategies of the searches for both bosons. We present the data from 2016 and take a first glance at the data recorded in 2017.

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